Monday, February 1, 2010

Kiss those toxins goodbye

So the massage that hurt me was awesome, because i felt great, I feel great. I swear I am a total believer that my calves were tight and had a bunch of shit stuck in them and this lady rubbed them the hell out of me. I believe that they were making me feel icky overall, not just causing a tight calf. Because something was different and that is the only thing I can contribute it to.

I did not get to work out today, I planned to run on the treadmill at the gym but my 5 year old was not in the best shape, cough and runny nose and she is star of the week at her school, so I figured i would rest her up as much as possible so she could make school. Mommy is not so selfish right ? I just hope I didn't push her by sending her to school and she is ok tomorrow.

I think my week will be
tues - spin
wed - swim w ironlady
thur - run (maybe outside b/c kids both have something, otherwise treadmill)
friday - normally i am off, but i am thinking bout doing something - maybe a weight class)
Sat - triclass
sunday - off - we head out for family vacation till wed.

I am really trying to get into this clean eating idea. Which means more baking and cooking. I really want to have one day a month where i just make a bunch of stuff and then freeze/store it and have it on hand. But needing to concentrate on house organization is the priority. I am just glad I am feeling motivated, I cleaned out the craft closet and that felt great. 4 bags of crap thrown out. How do we acquire all this crap.

So overall I have lots of goals:
House - organizing and make more livable, clean and comfy, as well as make sure it gets to a state that we can show it if we put on market
Body/exercise - keep up with exercise and start thinking bout the fact that i committed to run part of a relay for a marathon, i believe i have to do 9 miles. need to incorporate that into training
Nutrition - eat clean, try to get more veggies and fruit in, try to prep more, try to bake/cook more since then it is fresher ingredients.
Mind - seeing therapist soon due to my 5 year old's ocd

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  1. Good for you for taking care of yourself as well as your family!


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