Saturday, February 26, 2011


i feel a bit more tired and i am sure that is due to the increase of workouts now that i am working with a coach.

today i went on the trainer. i actually had a work out but it was hard to follow b/c i was also watching a movie. Prefontaine - i have not finished the movie yet but i really am enjoying it and want to know more about him. Quite an intriguing persona. and jared leto is plain and simply very very darn hot.

tomorrow i could run in a 4 mile race, the problem is i hate the race mindset i get, it can't be just a run for me, i get nervous and want to go fast. I think i would prefer to just go for a 5 mile run. can you do a race but not push for your best ?

i am going to do a cleanse, starting march 10th. lord help me. but i need to....i swear no matter what i still look 3 months pregnant. my tummy is in a forever bloated state ? no matter how much i exercise. clearly it is my nutrition and i know i have a hard time with portions and sweets. i am very scared of doing it.

we are moving in beg of apirl. i need to start packing ....and fast.

anyone ever do a cleanse ?

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  1. Cleanses always scare me for some reason. Don't know why but they do.

    And I think I would have a hard time holding back in a race too. I love competition!


what are you triing

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