Saturday, February 12, 2011

heart rate

so I have been reading a bunch of other bloggers and how they use HR training. I am finally using my HR for every workout. However, I find that it does not always work, while swimming it goes in and out, which is annoying. But even more annoying is when running on the treadmill and my HR is really the person's HR next to me ??? who is walking slow. I don't understand how to make this work ? do you deal with this problem.

ran outside today, 6 miles. felt great. so windy but i did it.


  1. hi,
    i don't wear a HR monitor swimming. only for bike/run. and i use it during training, when I've done a test to show my zones and at what my HR zone should be at dif levels. Using a HR monitor is great, if you have a test where you see your HR intervals and can use that info to make your work outs.

  2. Yeah, I have had the same issues. I really only use mine while running outside. However, if you wear the chest strap and it send the data to your watch it shouldn't get the person next to you. If you are sending the data to the treadmill then yeah, it can cause problems. UGH! Wish you could be outside with me too!!! =)


what are you triing

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