Wednesday, February 2, 2011


so today on my workouts from the coach was swim for 30 minutes. i have not been in the pool in a very long time. it was just what i needed to push me there and get back in the water. i was rusty to say the least. i didn't have much of a plan cept to start and see how i felt. i did some drills, catchup and fingertip, i rested a whole bunch in btw. i tried to think of all the form stuff i have learned. had my HR monitor on, which i am officially addicted to.

I probably only went about 500meters ...lot's of adjusting goggles and resting.

but it was just good to get in. my arms were tired right away ???  i am excited to be starting.

i hate bedtime, the girls just are relentless. they are both up right now - i let them stay in bed with me b/c daddy playing hockey. they move shimmy shake, ugh, and they aren't even close to sleeping. i was supposed to stay up and clean the house for inspection...ain't happening ...will ahve to wake early and do it.

arghhhhhhhh. go to sleep.


  1. for bedtime... we have had "the toy fairy" come when the girls were having really hard times going to bed.(this is something we have done with both girls when they were 3-4 years old... but no reason not to use it when you need it) The toy fairy leaves a squinky or something small and cheap (although I recommend buying a pack of something just to make it easier) when they go to sleep well (by whatever parameters you want to apply). For $9 I've got a pack of squinkies to hand out one day at a time. Baby was really acting out at bedtime (Mr F's erratic schedule wasn't helping) we told her about the toy fairy and boom she is going to bed with no problems. We did this with Kid at the same age and it also worked immediately. After about a couple of weeks (just for reinforcement) we have been able to phase it out with no problem. In fact at about that time they both lost interest in what they were getting... but the new bedtime habit was in place by then. When they bring it up... I just say that the toy fairy only stays as long as children need her and then she goes off to help another child.

  2. tks mrs f. i need to get some sort of control over it. we could be having the best day and it is ruined by the bedtime


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