Saturday, February 19, 2011


ski trip we took went great !!! girls skied and loved it. i am not a good skier - didn't really plan on going, but felt like a big time loser first day and not on the slopes. since i was not going to be running, biking or swimming i figured i better do something, so i skied and it was fun. I realized that every other time i have skied i have not been in good shape, therefore skiing was hard, my muscles would cramp. this time it was so much easier b/c i am in good shape. wheeee

i ate like a pig and loved it

back to reality. this am, hour swim, 7 mile run. the run was hilly and windy and i was slow, but i did it. i love that feeling of accomplishment.

i decided to make home made brownies, i think i added too much salt. waiting for the finished product.

i am going to try and not eat any nuts for a week. I have really bad ezcema on the insides of my eyes. if it is not peeling then it is bright red and scaly. maybe psioras. either way i am wondering if maybe it is a food intolerance. i thought i didn't eat nuts or nutbutter a lot but my chocolate fix each night is sometime of chocolate with peanutbutter. so i actually think i do eat it a bunch. plus i eat larabars a bunch and they are all nut based.

update - the brownies are eh ?

tomorrow i need to ride on the trainer for an hour and 15....i really really really want to get up and do it at 7am and get it out of the way BUT when i don't have to meet someone or make a class, i usually don't do it. anyone want to meet me on the trainer in my basement ?


  1. Thanks for the encouragement on my race!

  2. I'll meet you! ; ) Trainer time is lonely time, for sure. You sound just like me wtih the skiing. My family and I went last weekend. I really don't like skiing, but did it to be with the was fun being out there with them.


what are you triing

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