Sunday, February 6, 2011

out of the box

so NOT one comment on smoothies and protein powder ? what up. I was even with it b/c pioneer woman happened to be talking about smoothies ???


out of the box. challenge yourself. do something new. something different.

I finally got on the trainer at my house. I needed to do a 45 minute ride and i didn't take a spin class that day, so i finally jumped on the trainer. It was quite strange to walk downstairs to the basement and get a workout in. I enjoyed it and the set up is quite nice. I have the TV and was able to watch some guilty pleasure stuff. My ass hurts. I swear I forgot the pain a bike seat causes me. I have to do 25 miles in the olympic so i need to get use to this ??? any extra advice on how to get use to butt pain ?

Next up I went for a run with my new coach and a group of runners she is training for a half. Again out of my comfort zone b/c i have been doing the nice warm treadmill. I was so happy I went. It was cold but I dressed for it and the sun was out and it was great. I wound up running 6 miles and felt great !!! I actually have some hip flexor soreness and need to get on the foam roller asap. but all in all - it was great to do 2 things that i haven't done.

hubby has the kids out with him and i am in a peaceful house, just started my sunday sauce and need to live in the this moment.
mantras, my mantra while i run is I can, I will, I am....i started saying it when i needed a boost and i swear it makes me go faster. I have a garmin so I say this as truth !!!


  1. Spin hurts my @$$, too...can't get used to it and had hoped to really get into it. I am clueless about protein shakes. I love good ole oj, ice, bananas and strawberries. A teacher in HS said that was brain food for SATs YEARS ago. I've always loved them. Didn't help my SAT scores though.

  2. I can't stand protein powder. Tastes so bad:)

    About HR, I have a very low resting heart rate, sub 60 most days. I also have a pretty strong aerobic engine hence the low HR. Also 7:52 is a bit of an easy pace for me, my HR goes up to 180 and higher during intervals:) But, HR training is fun, isn;t it, and you will see that the HR goes down the more you run


what are you triing

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