Monday, June 27, 2011

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girls are in swim camp this week, they are brave, it is 9 to 12 and they are pretty strict. but they learn how to swim. I love it b/c it is 9 to 12 and I can get some good workouts in. Today I rode about 20+ miles. It was not the best ride b/c I was new to the route and kept checking myself, but overall it was good. Tomorrow I am riding with my coach, should be interesting since I have not really worked out with her much.

Tonight was an open water swim. Which is in the ocean. However, my tri that i am training for is in a lake. Which do you like better lake or ocean ??

lately i have been thinking a bunch about the quality of life. I feel very lucky. However, I also feel like I have it easy. do i ? I guess that is relative ? the problem is I am constantly feeling BAD and guilty that I do certain things. I workout - guilt, i don't work - guilt, i get a sitter - guilt. Isn't life meant to be something we enjoy and not suffer through ? So why is it bad if you see someone who seems to be enjoying their life and making it what they want.

I think of people who quit their jobs and go open a bed and breakfast, is that easy ? no. but they do it and it seems easy to the person who feels like they are stuck in something that can't quit.

I finally feel like I am making choices in my life that are based on happiness and enjoying things and somehow I see people around me, friends/family who I can tell think I have an easy life. Do they forget that staying at home with 2 young kids at work, that my husband works a thousand hours and most of the time i am alone, that my oldest has OCD and managing her and it are extremely taxing.

Is your life easy ? do you feel others have it easy ?


  1. which do i like better? pool. Oh that wasn't a choice....LOL

  2. Our lives are pretty similar... don't feel guilty. I know enough to know your life is not EASY... sure you have blessings, but there are hardships to. You have to enjoy the good (easy) parts when they are here, because god knows it isn't always like that. I have days where I feel I'm living a pretty luxurious life... but it's a choice to let myself have that. I don't want my kids growing up thinking life is about how much you are doing, or your accomplishments... what is life? I'm to the point that I think the more you can enjoy the better... that's all you've got. Sure, there are absolutely hard unfair things going on in my life... but I don't have a spouse that cares one bit if I do the dishes, etc. So this year (after getting out of such a bad two years) I just say fuck it... I'm laying in the hammock and reading a book while the kids play... and sure to the neighbor I look like I am living the life... and I could feel guilty that my house is a wreck right now... but the choice is to ENJOY my life. What they don't know is Matt isn't going to be home tonight... or tomorrow... or the whole week. I've taken to taking the girls to movies in the day and stopping at the drugstore first and letting them fill it with candy, because I can... it's fun... they'll remember it...and just being like suck it suckers... we're having fun. And then... I might not make dinner. Deal. You can't take this life with you... live it... enjoy your choices... we all have different crosses to bear. I know a million moms that go home to a husband that is home before dinner... that's not my life... that's not your life. How many days have you been on with your kids with no break from morning to bedtime? How things look isn't always how they are. Enjoy whatever you can, whenever you can.

  3. but the choice is to ENJOY my life.

    i love you mrs f.

    i recall reading one of your posts and i remember it hit me, their goal in life was not to have the biggest house or the most money, their goal in life was to have a good life. something along those lines.



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