Monday, June 6, 2011

summer time

this week the younger one is done with preschool.

the older one is done on the 16th.

i need to figure something to do with the kids so i can get some outside workouts in.

calling places, art ? tennis ? gymnastics, sitters ? i am looking at all angles. don't want to break the bank.

i have brought my bike in twice to get my cadence comp fixed, both times it has not been fixed ?

i am highly concerned that when i realize i have to run for an hour, it doesn't seem so long ?

this weekend i will be attending my RRCA coaching certification class. It will be hard to be inside while it is so nice outside but all worth it.


  1. I bet its so hard to have to go back to a schedule fitting in the kids while they are out of school.

  2. Good luck at the certification class


what are you triing

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