Thursday, June 16, 2011

schools out

last day of school

took the girls on a hike - nature walk. it was a half mile, they were tired right away ? yet they ride their bikes non stop on the block.

i have not done a food shopping in far too long and have been eating like crap

i have started back on being addicted to ice t

all this bad eating and ice t makes me sluggish. i feel it and it sucks. need to get control over it

started reading the long run.....very good. kind of strange to read b/c i know him - have close friend who married good friend of his. plus i lived in nyc and was knew those bars far too well.

my coach signed up for the nyc ironman 2012. woot woot. i really really want to volunteer. anyone know how we do that ?

my kids are slobs. i am a slob. i finally cleaned a bit today and man what a difference it makes. their rooms are a mess. i have cleaners that come twice a month and they come tomorrow. but i am embarrassed of how messy their rooms are, yet even if i org/clean it, girls tear it apart.

goal for the summer
to do something once a week that is something different and fun with my girls. today we did the hike, somethings we all said we would like to try, kayaking (we have kayaks and live near the water), horseback riding, see a show. it was very nice to be on the hike with them. to see them ask questions and for me to be 100% concentrated on them.

goal for tomorrow
go food shopping

goal for week
eat better, cut out/down ice t and replace with greet t, cut out sweets or at least ONLY have a bite of dark chocolate.

i was class mom and the teacher bought me such a pretty gift

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