Tuesday, June 14, 2011

trail running

my coach asked that i do trail running. we are lucky to have many parks in my area so i picked one and went. last week i did it for the first time. i ran with my phone and a map for fear of getting lost or killed by a serial killer. this was not easy running on many levels. i was alone. it was scary. animals scurried around and spooked me. there was horse poop on the trail. going up was hard, going down was hard. holy cow trail running is NOT easy.

i went back today. this time i threw caution to the wind and left my phone in the car and did NOT take a map. i just followed the signs for the trails. it worked out and i felt much more confidence. however i did encounter a few folks this time and that was fun and scary. bc one of the folks i encountered was a man and i was seriously figuring out my escape plan.

do you trail run ? do you like it ?

i am thinking of taking the kids back for some hiking of the trails.


  1. Trail running is fun, but I agree, NOT EASY. But fun.

  2. Yeah, I love trail-running. I went jogging for a few months, till it got more and more boring and I wanted to find something interesting. So I went trail-running for the first time and that was a year ago. Till then, I go 2-3 times per week for a trail-run, and it's just fun.
    not the always-same round to the lake and back :)


what are you triing

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