Wednesday, July 6, 2011

first tri of the season

So I am finally doing a tri. I am signed up for a sprint this saturday. I excited to finally do a race. I am excited that it is a sprint and not my olympic. The nerves will be there bc I will want to do well, especially after all this training i have been doing. We booked a sitter for 6am so hubby can come watch (bringing the kids never really works out for anyone). Hubby is even considering doing it. With NO training he will still beat me.

I am starting to shape up some goals I have

olympic tri - end of july
an oct. 5k that i do - i would love to PR
Nov - tough mudder (lord help me)
jan - possibly doing the miami half marathon
then i am thinking of taking some time off and signing hubby up for nyc marathon and letting him tow the race line
then in the next 2 years i am thinking half ironman........

ok my guilty pleasure is on tonight....mtv challenges...rivals, i love all these crazy stupid drunks - i laugh at how stupid they are ??? yet i am stupid enough to be watching.....


  1. I hope your race went well! I have my first sprint coming up in August.


what are you triing

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