Wednesday, July 13, 2011

race recap

i might not finish this tonight b/c i am so darn tired.

so i was a bit too lax about prepping for the tri. i didn't really lay out my stuff and go over it.

i woke up a bit before five, made my eggs with spinach and set off. the ride is about 30 minutes, found parking no problem. picked up my number, then set up my transition, i went to the run in/swim in area, got end of a rack. it had rained the night before so there were puddles. ick. my towel was wet just from being on the ground. I started setting up and guess what i forgot at home. my sneakers. are you kidding me ??? i called hubby's cell and he had not left home yet (we had a sitter so he could come watch). he was able to grab my sneaks and he would drop them at my transition area. race was small about 150. Went to get my chip and thanked the sleepy high school volunteers.

Even though it was a sprint I put the wetsuit on. Walked down and went in the water full on so that i was warmed up and prepared. It was not too choppy and was quite nice temp wise. Next thing we knew it was time to go, in i went, i was not scared, and swam out with the crowd and was doing fine. I got the first buoy and was doing fine. however, when i got to the second buoy to turn back to shore, things fell apart. I couldn't catch my breath and shore looked so far away. I just panicked, i just felt uncomfortable. It sucked, I just felt exhausted. I finally made it to shore and the though of running up the beach was not making me happy. Hubby was there on the beach snapping away and cheering me on. There was a woman 3 times the size of me, i mean she was BIG. I am not saying anything against her, it just reminds me that size does not dictate your speed, endurance, or strength. I got into TI and ripped my suit off and tried really hard to get bike shoes on fast. Off on the bike. Felt ok and was ready to just go as fast as i could. I took some of my shaklee performance drink and next thing you know it fell out of my hand, gone, in the first 5 minutes of my ride. damn, i was thirsty. I felt like i was riding well. I only got passed by about 3 women and a bunch of men. I passed about 7 women. I averaged about 16mph. T2, went faster than i normally do, no hat, on and had bib number on already, didn't stop to drink since i had no water. out on the run. I am really really trying to stay focused on the run and not let my mind wander and or negative thoughts. this is so hard for me. i did not have my garmin so i didn't know my pace. i just kept trucking as best as I could. i caught up to a few ladies and a few men. Close to the finish I was with 2 other women, one caught me and i caught one, we were all pushing it. I finished in 1.18. i was 6 in my AG out of (i forget how many) but over 20.

Overall it was good, but i was surprised at how the swim felt so bad. I realize how much i need to prep myself the night before. I really need mental toughness.

I have a touch of cold, dry mouth and feel tired. did a 45 min swim today and 45 min run tomorrow. and another sprint this sunday. wheeeeee, then next weekend is my olympic. holy cow. it is here

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