Monday, July 25, 2011

olympic tri DONE

so i did it - i completed my first olympic tri. it was not easy. but i finished ...recap to come...but i got one question for you all out on biking and how to get faster ??? and i mean even the most basic things......something ain't right with me and my biking......


  1. don't ask me, i'm a slowpoke on the bike

    p.s. CONGRATS!

  2. Can't wait to hear all about it!! I had a slow day at Mercer...heat hurts performance....anyway, as for biking - more biking, not sure how you bike, but trying to do a faster cadence in a lower gear has helped immensely - I did a lot of work over the winter on the bike trainer...hill workouts, and doing some tempo sessions. Also biking with a group helps, bike with people faster and slower, practice drafting even though not allowed in a race helps you learn how to go at a faster tempo for non-drafting races...keep at it!!

  3. I need those biking tips too. Looking forward to the recap.

  4. haha! you sound like me and I have the same problem. Everyone told me get out on the bike and that's how to improve.


what are you triing

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