Saturday, July 16, 2011


cold is drifting away. went to ride my bike and had a flat, so i rode my new comfort bike to the beach. it was the same feeling you had riding a bike when you were a kid. loved it. i was bummed i had a flat but i knew this would force me to learn how to change it, hubby was going to make me and i knew it. so after our date tonight we got home and i undressed out of my fancy clothes and changed my tire. it was not pretty but i did it and i at least feel like i would be able to make the attempt on my own at this point. however tomorrow is a sprint tri so if i get a flat i am out. 

questions for you serious tri folk. i will do my olympic next week. we travel for it and will stay in hotel the night before. how will i make my scrambled eggs with spinach at 3 am in a hotel ??? explain. please. seriously if you read this please answer or send to someone who will answer. 


  1. can't you make it ahead of time and just eat it cold? or if there is a microwave, heat it up?

  2. I would say the same as Lisa regarding the food

    Good job on changing the flat.

  3. Instead of trying to make eggs, an Ensure drink has 350 calories and is an instant way to have breakfast. Get one of those. Drink it in the morning, and you are good to go.

  4. Couple things - NJ state is an awesome race - pretty flat couple slight inclines during run, gonna b hot - get some salt tabs my mistake from last year...load up on extra electrolytes/water/potassium this week - coconut water and bananas!! And salt!! Roads can get crappy at points but a nicely done race. As for food - I usually do Ezekiel or GF bread and almond butter and banana but if u want eggs go to store ahead of time and maybe grt hard boiled?are u picking up packet fri? If so let me know I work at home and can try to get there - I am doing sprint decided last min and Olympic was sold out!! Good luck!!


what are you triing

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