Sunday, July 31, 2011

My first olympic race recap

I might babble.

So the plan was my parents were coming down sat. by 1, we would leave they would watch the kiddos, my dad would not stay he would drove home and leave my mom to stay the night in our house. All of that went fine. My girls are in heaven with their grandparents who buy them anything and everything. We took off and I was feeling good, nervous but good. I had been hydrating a bunch since we were in the midst of a heat wave. We went straight to the race site which was about an hour drive. Caught the middle of the race meeting. It was sweltering. I had water but it ran out. There was no other water to be handed out or bought.  I listened to the director and felt good about knowing what was up. I told hubby we had to leave b/c i was melting. Before we left we took a look at the swim entrance. This was in a lake that is only used for swimming during this tri ???? which i was not crazy to hear and then we saw a dead fish. UMMMM ick. I knew I would not be wearing my wet suit b/c the water temp was 88 degrees. No biggie for me.

So we got to hotel and plan was to rest, head out for a good healthy dinner, get some food for pre race, hotel and bed. Hubby got on phone to work, he had a big thing going on that weekend. 2 hours later i resorted to room service. Healthy cobb salad, plus i asked for bread since i had brought peanut butter, and i had oatmeal so at least i had a bfast ready. i was pissed b/c hate when hubby's work does this. it will be a minute, ok maybe an hour, ok forget it all night. whatever, the good part was i was resting the entire time in a nice comfy bed and a cold room.

wake up time. where i always wonder WHY ? why am i doing this ? The pb and bread didn't work out, stomach was not wanting it, but the oatmeal worked, and a banana. we got iced and iced up my water bottles, i had shaklee performance in one for bike and just water as my second for bike. i had my cliff blocks. we got to the race site and i set up. it was not as hot as the day prior but it was still expected in the 90's. Went to the water start to get in the water and warm up. HELLLLOOOO it was a hot tub.NO joke.It was warm. but it was flat and it was not swampy or dirty it was quite nice. I was happy. The swim course looked LONG. It was 1500 meters. but it looked LONG. I was scared. I just tried to warm up or stay in the shade and just keep my head in the game. I was the third to last wave. People could have finished by the time we went in. I kid. Finally the call us in and we swim out - it starts in the water. There were about 90 in my wave, it was good b/c we were not too crowded and everyone was respectful about where to start, faster in front, avg in mid, slow in back. So the swam began. My main goal for the swim was to swim, not to keep popping up looking where i was and do breaststroke and catch my breath and swim. I did it, i kept my head down and swam and I felt good. I was fine with sighting, I was comfy when i had folks around me. I broke into breast stroke very few times. It felt long. but I was ok, i was not getting that out of breath where am i feeling. The end was tough, i usually keep looking up at the finish to see how far and wind up not swimming b/c i keep looking. this time i just plowed ahead.
swim time 37.58 - rank 654 (out of about 1000) - i was very happy with this, my last timed mile swim was 43 so this was about where i thought i would be
T1 -2.47 rank 498 (i suck at transition but i really did try to go fast and not drink and do that on the bike)

bike - 2 loops. i was off and felt ok. started to get into a rhythm but then i would see someone pass me. I just kept biking. I really have NO idea how to bike, i suck. I was feeling ok and then 2 ladies from my age group passed me, and i was pissed. I caught up and passed them. ONly for them to catch me again and pass me and i would never see them again, i only saw about 5 more ladies from my age group pass me. I was so pissed. what was i doing wrong  ? they seemed effortless and i felt like i was chugging away. by the start of second loop i felt ok but i was not happy, i just kept going but it just seemed to get worse. I did pick some folks off but i just knew that i did not bike well. I was tired when I was coming in and my right ass cheek hurt. I was SOOOOO happy to be off the bike.
bike 1.30.24 - rank 818 MPH 16.9 - seriously ?? i only did better than about 100 people ? someone get me a new bike ?
T2 - 2.15 rank 527 (at this point i am tired and i am not rushing)

run- i can hear the announcer shouting out folks finishing. This didn't help. But I was feeling ok. I was not hurting that i couldn't run and I was feeling that I could run ok. I knew they had water and ice on the course. As I started running (it was 2 mickey mouse ears if you will) so you could see a bunch of folks each and every way, I saw many if not all folks walking ??? I was confused. I was able to run no problem. I did stop at the water stops and did fully stop and walk, but then i went back to running. I was passing a bunch of people b/c they were all walking. I felt fine and strong. I just kept doing my thing, but i was baffled why did i feel this way and they were walking. Some of these walkers were in shape men? I pushed on. stopped at water and grabbed ice bags stuffed them down my shirt. the heat was getting up there and i was feeling it. when i started the run i was at about 2.15 and i knew i had an hour to run if i wanted to make 3.15. I was 2 miles in and doing ok,  I didn't want to push  much more yet and was saving a bit. By  mile 4 I was trying to push more but that is about when the heat took its toll, and now i understood why there were so many walkers.The heat was getting to us. I kept running but my paced slowed. at about 5 1/2 I wanted to stop and walk, i didn't i just slowed down and dreams of my 3.15 went away, maybe 3.20. I kept pushing, saw hubby a bunch of times - usually giving him smile and thumbs up but the last time i was trying to tell him i won't make 3.15. i finally was coming upon the finish and there was a lady running with me, at first i was going to let her take it but then i figured i would be mad so i gave what i had and passed her.
run - 1.10.12 - 11.19 min/mile (SLOW) rank 720 (i must have passed all 300 people ?)
i crossed at 3.23. I was happy. I was thirsty. I was searching for something cold. found hubby and went to the cooling area - a spray tent almost. found some cold water and drank.
overall rank 756 age group 51 out of 71
I was happy with my race, i was happy with my swim and that my head did not get in the way. I was ehh about bike and i was happy that i felt strong enough to run the run. However, i see the times and i feel like why wasn't i faster.  But overall i was happy. I was so happy that coming home to a house in a heat wave where the AC had broken didn't seem to bother me as it should as my core temp was probably already too high it just got higher and higher but now i wasn't so concerned with recovery and hydrating.......and that took its toll........more on the meltdown......later

my overall rank

Thursday, July 28, 2011

race recap and recovery recap to come

folks, i am late on my race recap b/c i will now have a recovery recap and what NOT to do. i am just coming out of a fog....FYI - you can become dehydrated 3 days after your race....when i have more energy i will give it to you all.

remember to hydrated and keep cool not just before but AFTER your workout/race

Monday, July 25, 2011

olympic tri DONE

so i did it - i completed my first olympic tri. it was not easy. but i finished ...recap to come...but i got one question for you all out on biking and how to get faster ??? and i mean even the most basic things......something ain't right with me and my biking......

Thursday, July 21, 2011


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Monday, July 18, 2011

quick update

did the sprint this sunday. i felt strong mentally which was a good feeling. i did a minute slower than the prev sprint, but i think the bike is longer in this one ? the bummer is the splits got lost, so i just have my total time and i didn't keep track. arghghghghgh i hate that. i really wanted to see my splits compared to last weeks......

Saturday, July 16, 2011


cold is drifting away. went to ride my bike and had a flat, so i rode my new comfort bike to the beach. it was the same feeling you had riding a bike when you were a kid. loved it. i was bummed i had a flat but i knew this would force me to learn how to change it, hubby was going to make me and i knew it. so after our date tonight we got home and i undressed out of my fancy clothes and changed my tire. it was not pretty but i did it and i at least feel like i would be able to make the attempt on my own at this point. however tomorrow is a sprint tri so if i get a flat i am out. 

questions for you serious tri folk. i will do my olympic next week. we travel for it and will stay in hotel the night before. how will i make my scrambled eggs with spinach at 3 am in a hotel ??? explain. please. seriously if you read this please answer or send to someone who will answer. 

Friday, July 15, 2011


summer cold. mother effer. chest hurts, head hurts, starving but don't want to eat healthy. whaaaaa

last work out was wed.

supposed to do sprint tri sunday

have heard that the olympic tri i am doing i should be hydrating a week before b/c sooo hot

let  me remind you i am sick

did get to the beach today with the girls

reading sunflower and the secret fan and loving it

got myself a comfort bike for family bike rides

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

race recap

i might not finish this tonight b/c i am so darn tired.

so i was a bit too lax about prepping for the tri. i didn't really lay out my stuff and go over it.

i woke up a bit before five, made my eggs with spinach and set off. the ride is about 30 minutes, found parking no problem. picked up my number, then set up my transition, i went to the run in/swim in area, got end of a rack. it had rained the night before so there were puddles. ick. my towel was wet just from being on the ground. I started setting up and guess what i forgot at home. my sneakers. are you kidding me ??? i called hubby's cell and he had not left home yet (we had a sitter so he could come watch). he was able to grab my sneaks and he would drop them at my transition area. race was small about 150. Went to get my chip and thanked the sleepy high school volunteers.

Even though it was a sprint I put the wetsuit on. Walked down and went in the water full on so that i was warmed up and prepared. It was not too choppy and was quite nice temp wise. Next thing we knew it was time to go, in i went, i was not scared, and swam out with the crowd and was doing fine. I got the first buoy and was doing fine. however, when i got to the second buoy to turn back to shore, things fell apart. I couldn't catch my breath and shore looked so far away. I just panicked, i just felt uncomfortable. It sucked, I just felt exhausted. I finally made it to shore and the though of running up the beach was not making me happy. Hubby was there on the beach snapping away and cheering me on. There was a woman 3 times the size of me, i mean she was BIG. I am not saying anything against her, it just reminds me that size does not dictate your speed, endurance, or strength. I got into TI and ripped my suit off and tried really hard to get bike shoes on fast. Off on the bike. Felt ok and was ready to just go as fast as i could. I took some of my shaklee performance drink and next thing you know it fell out of my hand, gone, in the first 5 minutes of my ride. damn, i was thirsty. I felt like i was riding well. I only got passed by about 3 women and a bunch of men. I passed about 7 women. I averaged about 16mph. T2, went faster than i normally do, no hat, on and had bib number on already, didn't stop to drink since i had no water. out on the run. I am really really trying to stay focused on the run and not let my mind wander and or negative thoughts. this is so hard for me. i did not have my garmin so i didn't know my pace. i just kept trucking as best as I could. i caught up to a few ladies and a few men. Close to the finish I was with 2 other women, one caught me and i caught one, we were all pushing it. I finished in 1.18. i was 6 in my AG out of (i forget how many) but over 20.

Overall it was good, but i was surprised at how the swim felt so bad. I realize how much i need to prep myself the night before. I really need mental toughness.

I have a touch of cold, dry mouth and feel tired. did a 45 min swim today and 45 min run tomorrow. and another sprint this sunday. wheeeeee, then next weekend is my olympic. holy cow. it is here

Monday, July 11, 2011

to come

race recap to come

probably doing another spring this weekend

i need a color and cut bad

i can't stop eating the sweets - somebody help me

i really want the testing that shut up and run just got ?????

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

first tri of the season

So I am finally doing a tri. I am signed up for a sprint this saturday. I excited to finally do a race. I am excited that it is a sprint and not my olympic. The nerves will be there bc I will want to do well, especially after all this training i have been doing. We booked a sitter for 6am so hubby can come watch (bringing the kids never really works out for anyone). Hubby is even considering doing it. With NO training he will still beat me.

I am starting to shape up some goals I have

olympic tri - end of july
an oct. 5k that i do - i would love to PR
Nov - tough mudder (lord help me)
jan - possibly doing the miami half marathon
then i am thinking of taking some time off and signing hubby up for nyc marathon and letting him tow the race line
then in the next 2 years i am thinking half ironman........

ok my guilty pleasure is on tonight....mtv challenges...rivals, i love all these crazy stupid drunks - i laugh at how stupid they are ??? yet i am stupid enough to be watching.....

Sunday, July 3, 2011

workout with hubby

tomorrow the girls still have swim camp

but the hubby has off

so the hubby and i will be doing a brick. well i will be doing a brick he said he will ride with me for an hour...then i will continue for another hour and then run 30 minutes and meet him and the girls somewhere for lunch.

i wound up taking off the past 2 days off not by choice.

we had a great day at the beach yesterday with friends, a bbq - kids playing - memories made. tonight we had another bbq and once again kids playing and having fun. good times.

did i mention i signed up for tough mudder ? well i did and the past 2 days i ran into 2 people who gave me quite a scare. they both were talking about how tough it is and were surprised i was doing it. what have i gotten myself into ??

i made an oreo sand pie and it was delish and looked great.

i need a cold bean salad recipe ? i am not comfy with beans that are not cooked ? but i do realize you don't need to cook the canned beans. help ?