Monday, January 31, 2011


I got my first week of workouts from my coach. ahhhhh. perfect timing as i was starting to really slip away from the exercise. i love have a written assigned workout. the problem is i get anal about it and dare i deviate just a bit it sends me over the edge. need to work on that.

today was just a run.

problem is my schedule, i now need to really make sure i make time for gym btw all the girls activities. today i had to go to the gym with just one of my girls, she was NOT happy she had to go without her sister. but i put my foot down. ok, i bribed her with a new toy and munchkins but i got there !

on top of the training starting. we are in the midst of att. reviews, inspections and appraisals. add to the fact that we will have to pack up and move....holy cannoli ??? i will need to schedule my days to the minute.

i probably do more when under the pressure, just need to remember that taking a few minutes and some deep breathing will help. also i REALLY want a date with hubby. and I don't mean some quick dinner out. i want a full day. i want to go the gym with him, have a lunch, watch a movie, and then maybe even dinner.

plus i gotta be on top of food and make sure i have healthy stuff on hand so i don't start falling back on crap. i might do peapod so i don't have to stress about getting to the supermarket with my free hour sans kids.


what are you triing

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