Sunday, November 8, 2009

Body Pump

Took a body pump class today. I really enjoy it and the instructor the one thing I wish I knew more about OR had time to discuss with teacher is how much weight to use for myself. I always wonder if I am going to light or too heavy, yes I try to see how I feel during the repetitions but still I feel like it would be nice to more about what you should be using based on your weight, your goals and your outside training. For example, if you are doing the class once a week and it is really your only weight training OR is this just one day of 3 that you do weight training, what if you don't want your legs to get to big ? What if you want to focus on your arms for swimming. 

You see my point ? 


  1. That's a good question about the weight. Tough one.

  2. I always have that worry. I like to work out but don't want to end up with popeye arms. Nice new digs!

  3. I'm starting a new class this week, and I have similar concerns...not sure how to work it in...


what are you triing

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