Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Healthy fast food

I am feeling better today, no vertigo, thank god. I am not 100%, still dragging and a bit nauseous but overall better. No workout today as too many appts for kids on Wed. 

Since my stomach was still not 100% today I didn't have my normal raw veggie salad for lunch. I had oatmeal in the am, then I boiled 2 eggs for an morning snack. I am not sure why but I was craving boiled eggs. For lunch I went to Panera and had their napa valley chicken salad sandwich, it is tasty and not too big (although the price is..) My problem is, we eat lunch out a whole bunch. I want a healthy option. I don't go to subway but i would if they got a drive thru. I just tried quiznos the other day for the first time and I feel that is an option that I could go to.  I really wish that there were more easy, healthy options for a quick lunch out. I know I should just make some easy healthy options at home, but I will be honest btw the pick up and drop offs - lunch is such a rushed time if I have to make it and then sit down and eat it, then clean up.....

any ideas ???


  1. I do really love subway but I get you on the drive thru piece.

    McDonald's does have healthy options. Their chicken sandwich is good...and you don't have to have the fries or mayo. Their southwest salad is AMAZING! LOVE IT!

  2. samnit. I'll be watching these answers. I wish Subway had a drive thru too.
    I do McDs...but don't always pick the healthy options. The Kid gets the apples and I get the fries. I do like the grilled chicken there too and they have wheat bread and you can totally try to not get the club one... ahem. :)
    I also like Wendy's BLT salad over any with the vinegerette dressing. But I think the cheese and bacon kinda make it not AS healthy, but I figure if it's not fried.... lol.


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