Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bondi Bands review

I had seen these headbands at the Danskin Tri Expo, I was quite curious but did not purchase one. After contacting the wonderful company Bondi Bands, they sent me 2 to try out. One was a dressy one with polka dots and the other said, Run like a Mother (which I loved). I tested them both out. My review, I loved the work out one, I was able to wear it while running and it did not slip, and I even forgot I had it on after my workout and would be picking my girl up from school and other Moms were smiling at me. They liked the saying !!!

I was not crazy about the dressy one simply b/c it tended to slip on me when my hair was down. I loved the look, it just didn't fit me right while wearing my hair down. 

My recommendations are for working out GET THESE now, for dressy wear- I would try it out b/c I think it looks so pretty and simple. 

Thanks again Bondi Bands for letting me review your product.  

They have hats and stuff for kids and dudes, check them out.


  1. Bondi bands rock! I have one that says "marathon mama"

  2. I just bought FIVE!!! Three for me and two for my friend who is doing the Danskin with me in August! I Can't wait to use them!!

  3. Did you workout with the thick headband one or the skinny little "wrap" one? I have been dying for one of their ponytail hats!

  4. shana - the thick one, i have some goody thin ones i use as well.


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