Monday, November 16, 2009

monday PUSH

Great weekend, we had a wedding in nyc, we had fun, but I drank and ate as if I was 20 again, and I ain't. My body is begging to go to the gym and I will be dragging it there today. Previously after a weekend like this I believe I would have felt my body needed rest and not to PUSH it. Now that I have made exercise a lifestyle I realize my body needs to get back to the gym and that is a good thing. 

The unpacking and laundry can wait. 

One of the friends at the wedding went vegetarian, my husband talked to him for a bit about it and sure enough hubby is lecturing me about it and he did a big whole foods run last night. I believe in moderation so the though of vegetarian to me is wrong. I believe meat is needed - just moderation. Should be interesting how this pans out.


  1. We did a 30-day veg. experiment as a family. It was doable. But having meat is not my dietary problem. Having crap and junk food is my dietary problem. My son is 21 and he's been a full vegetarian since he was 16. That was a challenge when he lived at home.

  2. I doubt I could ever go vegetarian. I mean I love fruits and veggies, but I CRAVE meat...I think it has to do with Iron defiency or something..


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