Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Lara Bars and Smoothies

I do not like any of the healthy bars out there, they all taste like Styrofoam to me (have I eaten Styrofoam - NO but i am guessing how gross it would be). The only bars I like and they taste excellent and are super healthy are Larabars. I tried a think thin bar today and it was gross, sorry think thin but i just couldn't do it. Larabars are the only one for me. If you guys have other bars you like - please share.

Smoothies. Yum. Love em. Finally bought a new blender and want to make my own BUT I keep going and buying one, b/c I am fearful of making one and it not coming out as yummy. Any sure fire ways to make my smoothie just as good as the health food store's ???


  1. I am the same way with Smoothies! I LOVE them but making them scares me because I'm nervous it's going to taste like crap!

    I got the apple pie Larabar. Delicious. Although I'm worried that they are high in fat. Do you us them as a meal replacement or a snack?

  2. I really like Luna Bars, there are various flavors, I like the Smores.

    I am a HUGE smoothie girl...I always like the ones Jamba makes much better than my own efforts.

  3. I love luna bars too--like the cranberry i don't like bars that try to be candy bars.

  4. Love smoothies... but Im not sure I could make them as yummy as Jamba Juice either.

  5. i use the lara bars as a recovery snack ....


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