Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Tonight I got a sitter and went to the gym to take part in the masters swim class. A very young lady was in charge and she simply stood there and flirted with the lifeguard on duty. She writes the workout on the board and you do it. I did learn some drills and how to use some hand flippers which they call push. 

I am glad I went I swam for an hour, but I pictured a bit more of a coaching aspect. 

I just want to make sure my stroke is the most efficient it can be. Swim coaches out 

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  1. Funny, I just got the name of the person running the masters swim at my gym. I really need to find a good program myself. I'm also investigating cycle groups.

    Btw, I like Larabars. I also make some awesome "recovery balls" thanks to a recipe from Bree Wee: dates, almonds, coconut, a squeeze of lime, yummy! Just bought some dried, unsweetened cherries to try out with the dates and nuts.

    Sorry about your shin splints and race.


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