Monday, November 30, 2009

Exercise while sick ?

I have a bad head cold, and so does my little one. The main reason I did not go to the gym this AM is due to her being sick, as I would infect the entire sitting room and not be a very popular Mom with the other Moms. However, if she was ok, I would have probably still gone and worked out. I am sick, but I don't have a fever and I would just go lite, but I still have the desire to work out.

I of course could do the research but I would love to hear from you guys out there, do you exercise while sick ? what are your limits ?

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bondi Bands review

I had seen these headbands at the Danskin Tri Expo, I was quite curious but did not purchase one. After contacting the wonderful company Bondi Bands, they sent me 2 to try out. One was a dressy one with polka dots and the other said, Run like a Mother (which I loved). I tested them both out. My review, I loved the work out one, I was able to wear it while running and it did not slip, and I even forgot I had it on after my workout and would be picking my girl up from school and other Moms were smiling at me. They liked the saying !!!

I was not crazy about the dressy one simply b/c it tended to slip on me when my hair was down. I loved the look, it just didn't fit me right while wearing my hair down. 

My recommendations are for working out GET THESE now, for dressy wear- I would try it out b/c I think it looks so pretty and simple. 

Thanks again Bondi Bands for letting me review your product.  

They have hats and stuff for kids and dudes, check them out.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

running, boiled eggs and smoothies

interesting title huh ?

Running. I finally ran after about 3 weeks off due to shin splints. It felt awesome, I did 3 miles on the treadmill and was loving it. YES, loving a treadmill b/c that is how much I missed running. So next up will be that I start to run more often AND I am going to try and do some sort of speed work once a week. I also know a woman who is a serious runner (sub 7 miles in her races and always places) and she said she would start working with me. Oh and I am going to get a new pair of sneakers since I have had my current pair longer than 8 months and did train for a sprint tri in them, as well as doing 3 sprint tris in them and wearing them pretty much everyday for regular wear. I will be getting the same pair, the Brooks Trance b/c that is what works for me. 

Boiled eggs. For some reason I was dying for a boiled egg the other day. I guess it is due to the fact that I am trying to eat better and instead of snacking on crap I thought hum, a boiled egg tastes good and is not junk. I have realized that this is a perfect protein snack and am incorporating it into my food so that maybe I won't be as hungry by end of night when I have my junk/sweets. 

Smoothies. I love smoothies. But I love when a store makes them for me, hands it over in a nice plastic cup and the lid and a big straw. YUM. I bought a blender. I have all that is needed to make the same exact thing they make in the store and charge me 3.50 + for. I finally made one today and it was not perfect BUT it is workable. But the best part about it, my kids sucked them down. 

Happy Turkey Day, we head out tomorrow for a long road trip. I am going to try my hardest to pack some healthy snacks for the long ass car ride. 

Enjoy !!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Healthy fast food

I am feeling better today, no vertigo, thank god. I am not 100%, still dragging and a bit nauseous but overall better. No workout today as too many appts for kids on Wed. 

Since my stomach was still not 100% today I didn't have my normal raw veggie salad for lunch. I had oatmeal in the am, then I boiled 2 eggs for an morning snack. I am not sure why but I was craving boiled eggs. For lunch I went to Panera and had their napa valley chicken salad sandwich, it is tasty and not too big (although the price is..) My problem is, we eat lunch out a whole bunch. I want a healthy option. I don't go to subway but i would if they got a drive thru. I just tried quiznos the other day for the first time and I feel that is an option that I could go to.  I really wish that there were more easy, healthy options for a quick lunch out. I know I should just make some easy healthy options at home, but I will be honest btw the pick up and drop offs - lunch is such a rushed time if I have to make it and then sit down and eat it, then clean up.....

any ideas ???

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Vertigo and my lifestyle change

This am I woke up with vertigo. If you have never had this - it sucks big time. Luckily after laying back down while girls at breakfast I rested and felt much better. I was determined to go to the gym and take a strenght class. I did make it and was glad I went. But the rest of the day I have been dragging BIG time and wondering what caused the vertigo. I always try to figure out if it is something I ate, allergies, ear fluid - WHAT ??

If I have it tomorrow I will head to the doc. 

The old me would have dropped off my younger one at school and went home and back to bed. I would have taken every easy way out of doing anything. The new me WANTED to go to the gym, needed to go and made the choice to go and at least TRY, if I didn't feel well I could always just walk on the treadmill OR go home. I am proud of myself for this change that has occurred. It took time but it happened. 

Monday, November 16, 2009

monday PUSH

Great weekend, we had a wedding in nyc, we had fun, but I drank and ate as if I was 20 again, and I ain't. My body is begging to go to the gym and I will be dragging it there today. Previously after a weekend like this I believe I would have felt my body needed rest and not to PUSH it. Now that I have made exercise a lifestyle I realize my body needs to get back to the gym and that is a good thing. 

The unpacking and laundry can wait. 

One of the friends at the wedding went vegetarian, my husband talked to him for a bit about it and sure enough hubby is lecturing me about it and he did a big whole foods run last night. I believe in moderation so the though of vegetarian to me is wrong. I believe meat is needed - just moderation. Should be interesting how this pans out.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Eating healthy

So I am on a journey to figure out how to eat better. I am a fast food junkie and believe that nothing is wrong with it. I also loves sweets and have no control. However, I am realizing that my 41 year old body is not metabolizing these bad food choices anymore and I need to change my habits. I am working with a nutritionist and trying to make a lifestyle change. For the most part I have been doing well with getting the good stuff in, more veggies and fruits, and taking some of the bad stuff away, however last night I broke down and got myself some mcdees (god i love them), all i got was a plain hamburger and small fries. 

They tasted GREAT. I did not feel sick after, I did feel a bit incomplete like I needed more food, but for the most part there was no feeling that made me feel like I should stay away (which I was hoping for). However, this am I am a raving cranky bitch. Granted today was a NO exercise day, but I wonder could bad food REALLY affect your mood ? 

When I was young I drank soda. I finally realized soda made me fell full and the enjoyment was not worth it. I quit soda.

I use to order the Grand French Toast at this wonderful bfast place, it was pure heaven, however I would feel like crap an hour after and be starving after a huge plate of french toast. Again I made the connection and the enjoyment was not worth it.

The big question I have for myself is will this happen with fast food or not for me.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Larabar on Biggest Loser

Last night I watched Biggest Loser and saw my favorite bar being pimped out, larabar, I was quite proud and happy for them !!! However, I actually found another bar choice....very similar to the larabar called Pure bar.  YUMMY. I am so happy to have found 2 wonderful healthy bars !!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Body Pump

Took a body pump class today. I really enjoy it and the instructor the one thing I wish I knew more about OR had time to discuss with teacher is how much weight to use for myself. I always wonder if I am going to light or too heavy, yes I try to see how I feel during the repetitions but still I feel like it would be nice to more about what you should be using based on your weight, your goals and your outside training. For example, if you are doing the class once a week and it is really your only weight training OR is this just one day of 3 that you do weight training, what if you don't want your legs to get to big ? What if you want to focus on your arms for swimming. 

You see my point ? 

Saturday, November 7, 2009

If you can't join them, help them

Today instead of running in a 5 mile race I volunteered and helped out. It was a bit chaotic as this was the first time they were putting this race together so I noticed a few bumps but overall it rocked. I was basically keeping people on the right side of the cones on the out and back and keeping the public out of the course way. It was fun to cheer the ladies on, and many of them would shout thanks for volunteering - how awesome is that. 

I saw a bunch of friendly faces and I really hope I made a small difference in at least one ladies run and gave her some encouragement. 

So next time you are feeling bummed b/c you can't run due to an injury - go volunteer and cheer the runners on !!!

Friday, November 6, 2009


It is 9.26am and due to schedules I did not attend the gym today. My 5 year old has dance class at 10.30 and the class i would like to take is at 10:15. My main problem is that I don't believe I get enough sleep, and I am not an early bird. I stay up late, probably going to bed around midnight most nights. Luckily there is no 8am school in this house yet. Many times I just come down with my 3 year old and turn the tv on while I continue rest on the couch (ok SLEEP). It is like snoozing your alarm clock. But I hate it, I hate that I am not up and at em as soon as I am out of bed. Somedays I am ok, and rest for a little bit, then up and at em, but some days like today I have a hard time getting off the couch. I hate it. 

Do you get enough sleep ? Are you an early bird ? What are your tricks for getting up in the AM and getting that motivated feeling ???

Thursday, November 5, 2009

shin splints

So I went to the PT today and got some ice and stim. I was told that running the 5 mile race on Saturday was not recommended, so I won't. 

I want to research shin splints, just had an article about them.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Tonight I got a sitter and went to the gym to take part in the masters swim class. A very young lady was in charge and she simply stood there and flirted with the lifeguard on duty. She writes the workout on the board and you do it. I did learn some drills and how to use some hand flippers which they call push. 

I am glad I went I swam for an hour, but I pictured a bit more of a coaching aspect. 

I just want to make sure my stroke is the most efficient it can be. Swim coaches out 

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Lara Bars and Smoothies

I do not like any of the healthy bars out there, they all taste like Styrofoam to me (have I eaten Styrofoam - NO but i am guessing how gross it would be). The only bars I like and they taste excellent and are super healthy are Larabars. I tried a think thin bar today and it was gross, sorry think thin but i just couldn't do it. Larabars are the only one for me. If you guys have other bars you like - please share.

Smoothies. Yum. Love em. Finally bought a new blender and want to make my own BUT I keep going and buying one, b/c I am fearful of making one and it not coming out as yummy. Any sure fire ways to make my smoothie just as good as the health food store's ???

Monday, November 2, 2009

Outside exercise

I did spin class this AM, but in the afternoon it was nice enough to be outside and I wanted the girls to run around with some fresh air. So I had the great idea of raking some leaves up, perfect idea, I was getting a chore done, exercising and hanging outside with my girls.

Check out how many calories some outside chores will burn.

Just a mom triing to be fit

I am just a mom trying to be fit and healthy. join me in my quest