Sunday, May 9, 2010

bike talk

So today I continue my sloth like behavior. Yes, yesterday I accomplished a ton b/c my folks came and I was able to organize and declutter more. But as for working out. zilcho. ironlady was out of town and sent us a workout but i had zero incentive to go and do it on my own. This am hubby ran a 5 mile race, I choose not to as someone has to watch the kids and i ran last weekend.

I finally took my bike into the shop and was going to get a tune up. They are booked till next week ??? So I talked with the bike show owner and explained that I wanted my pedals loosened for the clip ons, which he kindly did for me, then I said something of how bad I am about filling my tires with air after each ride, so he filled my tires up. So I have a bike that I can start riding and practicing getting in and out of the clips. But there is a duathlon this weekend that I would like to do and i think i really need to have teh cages on the bike again as I am pretty sure I won't be confident enough to race in the clips after just a week (that is if i even get to practice). I found it quite humorous how i interact with the bike guy. I don't use proper terms and i sound so green, i wonder if that bothers them ? I feel ok on the bike and I actually did quite well on it last season in my tris (time wise it was my best portion) but i do not feel like a biker - ever. what about you do you feel like a biker ? if so why or why not ?

Also, hubby kicked ass in the 5 mile race today. He has been cross training but really he has not been running hard...and yet he did sub 7min/miles. He just has it, and that is hard for me. I get jealous of how easy it seems to come to him. He did mention he believes he is 10 lbs lighter and says that makes him faster. I am wondering if I lost 10 lbs it would help ??? I have such a hard time NOT eating sweets I just can't even think about it. I think I feel super deflated after such a bad run last weekend. Is my training worth it ? can I really get better/faster than I am ?


  1. I do NOT feel like a cyclist. Probably never will. I wonder why that is?

  2. Nice work this week! At least you have a bike:) I have not been on a bike for so long...really, I think I was 16 years old the last time I rode. Congrats to your hubby and his 5 mile race:)

  3. Did you say BIKE? What is that? LOL

    I cant remember the last time I was on one. I still think its great that your husband and you can do all sorts of athletic things together.

  4. I think as long as you are gracious and trying to learn the bike guys are understanding.


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