Friday, May 21, 2010


Today the bike is in the shop for a tune up. I have some old computer thingy on my bike that tells me how fast i am going as well as how far. but it does not have cadence on it. Iron lady was talking about cadence while we rode and said we should be in btw certain numbers. I asked about getting a cadence computer on my bike and it would be 100 bucks....yikes, the tune up itself is 100 bucks so forget that. this tri stuff gets expensive.

do you have a cadence computer ? do you love it ? need it ?


  1. I have always loved having a cadence meter. I think it really valuable in teaching you to keep your cadence up and learn about which gears work best for you to do that. Worth the money!

  2. I love knowing my cadence. You can get one for $25. Check on line.

  3. I also love knowing my cadence, especially when I'm riding on the trainer. It helps keep me "honest" with my intensity b/c I tend to slack off a little when I'm riding.

    Like another poster said, you can get one for pretty cheap. Look on or just go to your local bike shop and see what they have.

  4. nope, don't have one. i don't use a heart rate monitor either. i don't go in for gadgets. I know when I am pushing myself and when I'm slacking. I like to keep things simple. This year I am doing 2 tri's and a 4.4 open water swim and I don't think I need that stuff.

  5. increasing overall cadence= the secret of improving your bike;-) so, i agree w/the other peeps

  6. I don't have a cadence, I just go by my Garmin and have been experimenting with my heart rate monitor, I just got it so I'm still figuring everything out.


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