Friday, May 28, 2010


After my 9 mile run in the heat where I nearly cried, I was feeling real down about my racing. I had written an email to ironlady explaining that, as well as explaining my wondering mind during the recent DU I did.

I saw her and she had some advice for me. She said first I need to set some goals for a race BUT I also need to set some goals for my training. I thought that was really smart. As a lot of my training is go out and run 3 miles, go out and bike 10 miles. I do intervals when I am with her but that is about it.

Now I am thinking I need a more structured REAL training plan for my sprint tris. Anyone have a training plan of a sprint tri, it would not be a beginner plan but more of an intermediate plan.


  1. Check out (despite the name, it's just not for beginners!), click on the programs link near the top, scroll down, fill in the info. tabs and it should list some sprint plans. I've been using their plans for my sprint, olympic, and Half ironman and I really like them. Hope that helps!

  2. Aimee gives you a very good lead. If it were me I would do a lot speed intervals in all three disciplines. Sprint tris you are going all out all the time. There is kind of no pacing yourself, pedal to the metal.

  3. I have been trying to have some faster runs in my training. I think I do long slow runs a little too literally and go too slow.

  4. I have one from a tri magazine that I follow, if you want it I can email it to you. beginnertriatlete is a good place too!


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