Thursday, May 13, 2010

sports moments/memories

what sports moments in your own life or watching something else, tv or friend, family made you get out there and just do it ?

I clearly remember watching julie moss stumble, crawl, claw her way across the finish line of the ironman. This image sticks with me every day of my life. I just thought what guts, courage and determination can one person have.

I recall Mary Decker Tabb and her running, as well as the Zola Budd barefoot incident.

I remember watching the USA Olympic Hockey Team beat Russia when I was only 12 years old. My Dad and I cheering in amazement.

As for my own, I did the 800 meters after much coaxing from my coach (in high school) I was a sprinter and really the 400 was too much for me, never mind twice around the track. But I did it and came in first in my heat and did a really good time.

What are some of your inspirational moments ?


  1. I just listened to a podcast last month on Radio Lab called "Limits" where Julie Moss talks about why she did the ironman (part of a college thesis and she didn't prepare for the race) and how she felt about doing it. I have the link in my post here:

    or you can google it.

    I don't remember any specific event that inspired me. I am an Olympic junkie though and I find the games in total enough to get my juices flowing (so to speak).

  2. I'm guessing we are around the same age, b/c those are all memories for me too! Thanks for sharing them

  3. i soooo remember the Julie Moss moment... It totally freaked me out. Perhaps I can blame that on my decision to be unhealthy and eventually obsese? lol, perhaps not! I think the perspective shift for me (and many other post-30 women)is fascinating. What was one NO WAY IN HELL is now inspirational. Thanks!


what are you triing

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