Tuesday, May 4, 2010

weak ankles

i have poor balance. yes my core needs help but i also believe that my ankles need work. i swear when i do a balance/exercise move where you hold a weight (or not) and stand on one leg and touch the weight down while one leg goes up. my ankles burn.

what about you ??


  1. interesting... I don't think my ankles have burned before. I wonder what this means exactly. Does it have to do with your strength in your quads, hips, and glutes, maybe?!

  2. I haven't ever experienced an ankle burn... I am curious to know what is causing it! Do tell when you find the answer (and sorry I am no help!).

  3. Have you tried the bosu ball? for core strength. Its awesome.

  4. I have good balance from years of karate,but my ankles have been wrecked from soccer. I've turned them too many times. ankle strengthening exercises are really important and will probably help with your balance as well.

  5. My balance used to suck...it is getting better because of running. The only time my ankles bug me is if I don't warm up before a race or if I am running on a really hard surface for a long period of time.

    Have a wonderful weekend!


what are you triing

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