Sunday, May 23, 2010

to talk or not to talk

This am I arranged to meet up with someone from my tri group to bike before the group run. I had never meet the woman. We meet up and started biking. I use to hate running with other folks b/c I didn't like to talk and run. However, I enjoy it now. It makes the run go faster. But biking. Biking is just too hard, when we slowed down we wound up talking and then i felt like we were on a sunday beach cruise as opposed to a workout. I really think I will pass on any future bikes one on one, at least in a group it is more about just keeping up with the first person. Plus I really want to figure out this biking thing and get better at it. Learn how to shift better, focus on speed more etc. I wound up buying the cadence computer - a wireless one for 100 bucks. I need the hubby to put it on and then I can work on cadence as well.

The run with the group was good, all different levels of folks, love watching the folks who aren't runners get out there and do it. very inspiring.

We had 3 showings today, house went on market today, just to add to the normal stress of daily life. fun fun fun.

Tomorrow the plan is a spin class.


  1. funny, i just rode with my DH and his friend, i was really glad i did. because i learned a lot from riding w/people who are just good riders. so if you can find good riders to ride with, it's really my humble opinion;-)

  2. Tough to have the house on the market and try to live normally! I agree, chatting while running is easier than cycling.


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