Sunday, August 22, 2010

busy week

We are back from vacation. I had planned on waking up early and getting a brick in but my alarm didn't go off and the entire family slept in. I took advantage of it and didn't worry.

I indulged a whole bunch in some sweets while away. Tonight I made some roasted veggies and pasta with a little bit of smoked mozzarella. Of course I am dreaming about some sort of fruit crumble or brownie ala mode thingy but i won't. i had my share and i know i need good fuel for this week.

this week is busy. my mom is coming tuesday, wed. we have doc appt, kgarten picnic and bday party, thursday we have my 5 year old bday party turning 6 !!1 then friday the local town fair starts (i will need to resist the funnel cake, i hear cotton candy is a better choice). I will be trying to get stuff down while mom is here as well, like hair colored, errands, work outs, etc.

right now i really wish we could all crawl in bed and go to sleep BUT don't think my girls are up for that plan.....


  1. Always nice to have reinforcements in town! Enjoy your busy week.

  2. my alarm hasn't worked all summer! i'll be back to the early morning swim grind this fall. summer is about sleeping in!

  3. I haven't made it out of bed early in months... and I am still dreaming of all the vacation indulgences I devoured! Hope the week goes well!

  4. vacation is wonderful, isn't it?! Here's to a great week ahead!


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