Saturday, August 7, 2010


this am i did an ocean swim and then ran 2 miles. the ocean was perfect, gorgeous and like a sheet of glass. loved it.

run was ok. tried to work on the mental aspect of it. i was not looking to go fast, i was just looking to know when i went at certain paces.

going to pick up my number at the expo and the rest of the day will be dedicated to making sure i have lot's of water in me and good food, veggies, fruit, protein, carbs.

i wrote down my goals and why i tri. will review them tonight and hopefully get a good nights rest.

ps. i really need a break from the kids...BIG TIME


  1. Sorry that I am late to the game here...been out of connectivity for a week. Sounds like you are racing tomorrow! Best of luck to you--you sound ready to go!

  2. How was your tri today? I am sure you rocked it. I am just taking baby steps for getting back into my training routine. Signed up for a half-marathon next year to motivate my lazy ass. Now I need to follow your lead on nutrition.


what are you triing

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