Thursday, August 12, 2010

week of skipping

this week i have not done so well with working out. monday i took off b/c i did the tri on sunday. tuesday i ran, did some intervals on the treadmill. the plan for wed was to swim in the pool, but the pool at the gym is closed this week. plus one of the girls had a playdate and required me to be home for drop off and pick up and certain times. plus i just bagged it. today i have a workout with the trainer but i also wanted to spin before, but my youngest finally slept in and she needs it b/c she goes to bed at 10pm, so i didn't rush us.

so now i am rethinking if i should do the tri this saturday ? i don't want to have a lazy attitude about it, if i do it, i still want to push myself. yet after this week of me blowing things off i am not sure my head is in the game ????


  1. After a week off, you may surprise yourself this weekend by feeling refreshed!

  2. maybe you will have an awesome race because you've given your body some recovery!

  3. do it! sometimes a week off is the best training you can do

  4. I literally thought you meant skipping as an addition to your training! Probably not a bad idea.

  5. Yeah, I cant hardly force myself to take a day of much less two in a row.

    GOod for you.


what are you triing

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