Tuesday, August 24, 2010


so i did go swim. i have not swam in the pool in a long long time. i have been doing ocean swims. with ocean swims, i just go swim. i don't do any type of intervals or any speed work. i just swim. and i don't even swim that long.

it was nice to swim in the pool, but i had no workout set and i just let myself do some 100's - trying to focus on form and i tried out bilateral breathing instead of my one side. then i figured i would time myself on a 100 and try to go fast. 2.17....a very slow time. if i recall during my swim workouts this winter i was getting in around 2.03 ?? ok, i will go again and maybe i just didn't push enough. so timed another 100, and it was another 2.17....i think i need to get back in the pool and work with irongirl. for reals ???? but i got up and did it.
tomorrow is a workout with trainer.
thursday i plan on doing a brick
friday i might take off
saturday i will do ocean swim and maybe a run
sunday another tri


  1. i know for me the only way I get faster with swimming is: swim more than 3x/wk. do sprint 50 intervals.

    but ya gotta love all your open water swim experience;-)

  2. great job getting into the pool!


what are you triing

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