Monday, August 2, 2010


I am copying this goal tactic from an awesome blogger...goals for the week

mom - less tv for kids, get them out and about and get more fruit in them, hope to teach them more about keeping house clean

wife - make date with hubby....

personal - keep house clean. i tend to let it go, i really want to stay on top of it and put things away each night, not let it pile up.

nutrition - really practice eating every 2 hours and getting healthy clean food in. i had a bit of a lightbulb moment this weekend and when i was more aware of what i was eating and getting healthy snacks in me and lighter meals my workout was much better and overall i felt better.

training - i have a sprint tri this sunday, so this week i will not push too hard but i will get a swim, bike and run in, as well as strength - then i want to kick ass on sunday

friend - make a few phone calls to some friends who are in need, have a playdate on wed as well so that is good

daughter - call my mom and set up time for her to come visit

i love breaking it down like that


  1. Hi,
    great goals! especially love the daughter one.
    Thanks for the shout out;-)
    looking forward to hearing how the sprint goes this wknd!

  2. Good goals. Good luck with the sprint this weekend.

  3. I think when you have it broken down, it makes things seem so much more do-able.

  4. I love that she does her goals too!! i have been doing 30 days goals, which is fun...but i think I might switch to this whe nI finish because everything is so clear cut!

    good luck this weekend

  5. good luck with your goals!! I set them - break most of them!! Not good at holding myself accountable!!

    hey girlie - are you going to blogher?? would love to meet you!!

    let me know -


what are you triing

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