Sunday, August 15, 2010

report later

I will give a detailed report later......

here is a quick overview
  • almost overslept and was eating my oatmeal as i drove there
  • the ocean was INSANE, red flag day, seriously i swam freestyle for about 30 strokes and the rest was survival, i got tossed coming into shore and i did a 360 plus a cartwheel all under the water, needless to say my swim time was worse than last week
  • i felt ok on bike but my time was worse. i need to work on my bike. period.
  • my run was faster, and i felt i bit like i was getting it. the mental part of run strong, you are strong and not letting my mind get me slower.
  • transitions - i swear is use them to rest and don't rush, probably need to change that up
  • hubby got the girls and him there, they saw me coming in from bike, start the run and finish the run. it was so sweet to have the girls there as they haven't seen me this season. of course brunch was chaotic with them and them being sad, glad, and all around crazy.
  • once again i couldn't find my bike at transition. another time suck that i could avoid ???
  • glad i did it
lastly i finally feel as if all this work is leading to some compliments. you know i have been working hard on working out and nutrition and never have i heard that i was looking good or anything. finally i got a few ...first my trainer said - you are looking thinner, i can see it ....wahoo, second - a really fast runner saw me at the gym working out on treadmill, i was doing intervals and she said to me after, you were booking it and looking good and super fast...wahoo. lastly, a friend of mine who goes to the same beach as us (so she sees me in bathing suit all the time) she knows i do all the races and such. she said to me after seeing me saturday am right after race (we went to beach after brunch) she said you were looking pumped up - your arms.

finally. it feels good that it goes noticed. of course i had a full day of no rules today and enjoyed it, felt sickly after indulging but one day is fine.

tomorrow i am hoping to spin. i think i need to start doing some spinervals in the basement.


  1. Thanks for posting your race experience! It's helpful to me as a newbie :)

    Sounds like it was quite a swim, and good job on the run.

    It's nice when others notice the results of all your hard work and healthy eating, isn't it? Way to go!

  2. Wow--can't believe they didn't change it to a duathlon with those conditions! good for you for braving it. And kudos for trimming down like that--always a good feeling!

  3. Can't wait to hear the full the update. Congrats on finishing and not washing out to sea. Love that you are getting noticed and compliments!

  4. Congratulations! But wow, that swim sounds brutal!

  5. nice job! and that swim sounds like a doozy!

    I've found for me and transitions that I tie a bright ribbon/bow where my bike is, or that row. It's helped.

  6. It's always nice to hear positive comments like that. You should be so proud of your race accomplishment. My husband charts out where his bike is on his arm before the race. Looks funny, but whatever he's doing works LOL

  7. Nice job and great way to list what you need to work-on and what going well! Congrats! As for transition, the first time you see you might have placed if your transition wasn't a wardrobe change, you'll get moving... I speak from experience! :) That said, if you need the time to regroup before you bike or run, it's worth it; you may bike/run better, for sure!

  8. I just read your interview on the Run Like a Mother blog and thought it was great! I love that you do date races not date nights!! I enjoyed reading your quick overview today, Congrats!

  9. I think you are amazing - I could never do that! I don't have enough motivation to exercise OR to STOP eating!



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