Friday, August 13, 2010

it is a go

so i signed up for the tri tomorrow. i am happy to be doing it, and not having the pressure i felt last week.

however, i have been eating well and i feel like i failed with the food tonight.

i am hoping that my better nutrition overall will help out.

waiting for hubby to get home and then i can have some alone time to pack bag up.

today there were red flags so the ocean swim practice was cancelled. hopefully it won't be too rough tomorrow.

the scary part about tomorrow is that hubby might try to bring the girls for the end of the race. bwahhhhhhhh. i don't envy him. i pray for him.


  1. Ooooh, how exciting! Good luck on your tri tomorrow and I'll be looking for a race report. Don't fret over one meal! If you've been eating good overall. It's what you do next that matters!

  2. OOH! You might get this b4 your race. HAVE FUN!! and the girlz will be waiting for you. It's his own triathlon to have;-)

    have fun!!

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what are you triing

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