Sunday, August 29, 2010

not sure what to think

did the tri today
the swim was long
i feel like i winged it too much
a friend (who does tries) and is 3 months prego helped pace me in the bike. she is faster than me while prego....
a friend who decided to do it as a whim and did not even have a helmet, did it and beat me by a minute (at least that is what hubby saw on the results) i keep checking and can not find results
i am seriously still stuck in the "did i push myself enough" i really need to learn this mental toughness. as usual as soon as i was done i thought of all the places i could have pushed myself.

i was seriously down when i found out and keep rethinking things. i am thinking next season i hire a coach b/c at least i have a way to maybe get over this. in otherwords maybe i will know my limits i underestimate others ? do i overestimate myself ?

the race itself was fun and i liked it - cept the run was confusing and i know we didn't run 3 miles, i hate when it is not accurate.


  1. glad you had fun.....I almost always wonder if i pushed hard enough. big mental block for me.

  2. they let someone compete WITHOUT A HELMET????!!!!!! That is just insane!

    I am determined to not let other's times and accomplishment diminish my pleasure in this sport. I have been too hung up on how everyone else is performing and it has really been weighing on my. I have gotten a grip and it is all about me now, baby!

    Let's just go have fun!

  3. your friend who raced without a helmet was disqualified, without a doubt. THat is just plain STOOOOPID. She is definitely a DQ.


what are you triing

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