Thursday, August 26, 2010


I had a brick planned today, I set my alarm but kept snoozing. i figured i didn't have to rush out since i have a built in babysitter...My MOM !!! I did not rush out the door and futzed, finally I got out on the bike and my head was just all over the place. It was a kgarten picnic for my first born - HUGE. Then it was her bday party. So needless to say I was not concentrating, and that is why it makes sense that I hit a huge pot hole, kept going and then got the flat a few seconds later. I was not too far from home so I started walking home - wound up getting a ride from the freaking fastest super lady in TOWN...very ironic...story for another time. she was sweet as pie and i might just be taking her running class soon.

Problem is - no workout today - and tomorrow I can run BUT i want my biked looked at before I ride b/c i am scared I could have ruined the rim not just the tire. I have a tri this sundAY ????? I just hope the fact that i have been working out for a good amount of time will show and i won't suddenly fail in every aspect.

I am currently trying NOT to eat the second chocolate covered pretzel of the night...not sure I can win the battle. I am wiped out from an up and down emotional day !!!


  1. That's a bummer that you got a flat! I'm glad you were able to get a ride home instead of having to walk the whole way.
    Good luck in your tri on Sunday! You're going to do great!

  2. oh and i wound up NOT eating the pretzel but instead about 2 hours later having a half whole wheat bagel with butter and then a piece of ice cream cake /???

  3. Who cares about the bagel and cake... you won the battle against the pretzel! Kick some booty in Sunday's tri!

  4. chocolate covered pretzel? I'd have lost that battle.

  5. Just say NO to the chocolate pretzel!

    I know easy for me to say, I hate chocolate.


what are you triing

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