Saturday, March 6, 2010

Here comes the sun

Last night my 5 year old puked her guts up at about 7pm. Poor thing. UGHH the stomach bug. She was up about 4 to 5 more times with the dry heaves and little amount of puke (TMI huh). I felt so bad for my little lady, she was being such a trooper. My immediate thoughts were, oh shit who will get it next and I really should not go to tri class at 6.30am. Hubby was saying I should still go to class, but I just didn't want to leave my baby girl that early in the AM. So I did not go and slept in till the ladies were up at about 7am. Luckily the little lady was feeling MUCH better and had plenty of energy as well. We still kept her in from a bday party but she is having some private time w/ daddy at toysrus.

I of course was upset to miss out on tri class as I missed it 2 weeks in a row now. BUT I saw the sun and realize that I could drop my other daughter off at the party and I could go run OUTSIDE. I did it and it was such a great run, a bit over 4 miles. Just to be outside in over 40degree weather w the sun shining. LOVED IT.

Are you getting to exercise outside this weekend ?


  1. poor baby. it's awful when they are sick, huh


  2. Yes!! I did get outside twice this week :) It made me so happy!!!

    Sorry the little one is sicko, that is no fun for anybody!

  3. Ohh..I'm so sorry your little one was sick. My 2 1/2 yr. old had the stomach bug a couple of weekends ago and it was horrible. I hope she feels better soon!

    Hooray for running outside! I actually got to do my 9mile run outside today and it was awesome! :)

  4. Going for a run tom...I hope the weather holds out...fingers crossed...

  5. I HATE it when my kids puke. It's the worst. They are so pathetic. Glad you all survived and here's hoping the bug doesn't get you!


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