Tuesday, March 16, 2010

tight calves

I have missed some workouts recently but back on track now.

Monday - swim. I did the workout that ironlady sent us, but I did the entire thing without FINS. Normally she has me wear the fins for some of the workout but I figured I needed to get my workout on and went without.

Tuesday - spin. I had been going to spin on Mondays but I was NOT enjoying the instructor and I like the tuesday lady so I went to her class and she rocks it.

The problem is my left calf is super tight, I did some heating, and I am trying to stretch it but I think I need to go back to the lady for the deep tissue torture ......At least now I know what to expect and I can go for just my calves for 30 minutes.

Tomorrow I plan on making a pot roast for St. Patrick's Day, using the slow cooker so I can enjoy the smell all day.

Top of the morning to you !


  1. Deep tissue torture sounds great! :)

  2. Good idea on the massage. You could buy some cheapo compression socks at a drugstore too and give that a try.

  3. Have you tried some simple trigger point massage with small, hard ball (about the size of a tennis ball)? works wonders for me. you'll know you have the right spot when it hurts. Completely releases the tightness and helps with PF too. Best part, it's free.


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