Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Not much to say but the truth...

There is TOO much emotional eating going on RIGHT NOW and I need to get control. The fact that we will be in Disney in a few days is probably not going to help.

What is your go to food when you are just at your wits end ?


  1. when we go to disney (which is a few times a year) I pack and bring in all snacks and food (which is something disney allows). We bring in subway sandwiches, bottled water and healthy snacks. It saves money and saves me regretting food choices later and saves us from having to wait in long lines. Win-win.

    Have fun!

  2. I feel you on that one! I tend to overeat in the late afternoons...that time between when the kids return from school and the husband gets home. I recognize it, but still fall prey to it. Good luck at Disney.

  3. I tend to snack mindlessly at night, mostly bc my husband who is naturally thin tends to eat junk food at night. I typically can't eat when I am stressed, but eat too much when I am happy. As far as Disney goes, I hear everything is super pricey there, so Tricia's advice seems v good (for the pocket and the rear). Have fun!

  4. powdered sugar donuts. i know it's bad when i'm not just eating, but CRAVING them

  5. We go to Disney several times a year and always bring waters and snacks. For as exceptional as Disney customer service is, the food choices at the parks are awful cafeteria-like food. Of course, the treats are great but trying to find a decent lunch is not easy. Good luck getting back on track and have fun at Disney!

  6. Chocolate. If I can get past like 2:30 or 3:00 in the afternoon I am okay.

    Have a GREAT time at Disney. We love that place :)


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