Friday, March 5, 2010

How to better your life

I am trying to better my life, which will better hubby's life as well as the 2 little ladies who depend on me. I am doing this through exercise, nutrition and other things. One thing I learned from my nutritionist is that before you don't just need good healthy food, you need primary food and that consists of your home, relationships etc. It makes sense. You could eat healthy and exercise but if you are in an abusive relationship - you are not going to be healthy. You get my point.

No my relationship is not abusive, i have a supreme man and love him dearly, he is kind and wonderful and quite frankly it amazes me that i found him. My point is - I am unhappy with the state of my house. It is unorganized and that is one area that I am trying to take control of. However, I am embarrassed to say I needed help. I had to hire a pro organizer to help out. She worked on my kitchen first and it was amazing. It seriously has changed our life. We can actually see what food we have, I don't mind pulling out a pot or pan to cook b/c 5 other things are not falling when I do it. Today she is coming to work on our playroom/basement, and I think I just can not get over the fact that I have to pay someone to help me. I should be able to do this myself, but this is where I need to let go, ask for help, get the help and move forward and be happy about it.

When do you ask for help ? When have you paid for help that you knew you needed ? a trainer, nutritionist ? organizer ?


  1. I pay for help to clean my house, but not to organize. I could figure out the organization stuff if I just spent more time with it. And I have been working on small bits one at a time..

    I pay for a run coach. Money well spent, in my mind. :-)

  2. Nothing to be ashamed of.
    Please please please email me the info and prices of something like that. I am in the SAME boat. I have papers and clutter and TONS of toys. I just can't keep up and get organized. I need help too!


  3. I am being slapped in the face by this type of thing right now. I know we need to organize and prioritize, especially since we want to sell our house soon, but the thought of it is so daunting.

    There is so much that I deal with "on my own" because I am embarrassed to ask for help. It takes a lot to admit that I cannot do it all and I'm not so sure that I'm 100% there yet.

  4. Do not feel bad! It is exactly the same as hiring a personal trainer (which over the years I have done along with, a nutritionist, a message therapist, an analyst, a cleaning lady...). We can't all be experts in every area. We didn't all learn every skill growing up (I for sure as Hell didn't... and for me a big part of that is in the organizing/home maintenance dept) Sometimes we need education from an expert. That's all this is. Smart, capable, people pursue the education they need to improve themselves and learn a new skill. Good work!

    And for me (because seriously this is also a tough area for me) getting the house on the market was life changing. It forces me to suck it up and maintain it daily and that is really the key. Not letting things slide because then it is overwhelming. We kept ONLY the toys the girls play with consistently and shockingly it is still a lot of stuff but it all has a spot and can be put away (instead of being jammed on every horizontal surface in a half assed attempt at picking up)... and because it's easy to get to and put away THEY DO and more importantly I can too without getting overwhelmed and pissed off.

  5. oooh! I love that you hired a prof organizer. i've always wanted to do that as we live in a ~1400 sq ft house. I like that you give the process two thumbs up.
    And I hired a trainer/nutritionist for myself when my twins were 1 yr old, and i swear it changed my life. best investment ever.;-)

  6. sounds like you made a good call and spent your money wisely. I couldn't live without our cleaning lady (2x a month) and have used a tri coach in the past. If you use and heed the advice, it's definitely a good investment.

  7. I know how to organize--it's being disciplined enough to do it that kills me. It feels like such a losing battle, too, when I'm the only one really trying for it... you know? It gets destroyed so easily...
    But you've got me thinking. Maybe I do need someone to just show me how to manage it once it is organized..


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