Friday, March 19, 2010

workout with your man ?

I (we) have been trying to workout together, me and my hubby that is. But he joined the Y and I belong to a different gym, not very conducive.

He is way faster than me, but we can swim together OR do intervals on the track. The point is I really want to do this and we can't find the time.

My new idea is to get a sitter on Sunday AM and workout with hubby then have brunch. The new date, since at night I am usually tired and cranky.

So tell me folks do you work out with your significant other ??


  1. The only thing we do together is bike. He hates to run and he also doesn't have a membership at the pool. But we LOVE to ride together. I think that sounds great on Sunday morning :)

  2. I don't have a significant other to workout with, but I think it's a great idea - even if it's only once a week! I like your idea for Sundays and then brunch to follow!

  3. I would love to but he's not there yet. I'm not going to force him to workout- as much as I'd like to. We're lucky though because our Y has awesome child watch hours. We're able to drop the kids in child watch and then workout- or we would be able to if he'd ever join me! ;)

  4. oh, jeez, louise, NO! On occasion we will go to the gym together and leave together, but I prefer to run outside early morning or after dinner, and he prefers spin class (KILL ME) or hours on the elliptical (SPORK in my eye). Our workouts and workout styles are very incompatible - luckily our kids are old enough we can either do gym play room for the younger one or leave the 14 yo in charge if we both go out at the same time. It's important to the harmony of the family that we both work out, but we don't even try to do it together anymore.

  5. I work out with my sportsman. OUr whole family has a gym membership. We go ever sat & sun together. During the week my sportsman goes at 5am to our gym and I go over the lunch hour at the gym at my job.

    I think it is great to be able to go to the gym together. Especially since we spend 2 hours in there on the weekends.

  6. I think the Sunday sport date is a great idea!

    My husband and I actually love to workout together. We both belong to the same gym, so we bring the boys to their kids club and get to workout. I am a little faster than him running, so usually when we run together outside it will be one of my easy/recovery runs, or we'll go running with our boys in the jogger.
    The only time we get to ride together is if we have family in town who can watch our boys. But, if I steal your Sunday sport date idea, we may be able to do that too! Good luck trying to figure it all out! :)

  7. that's a negative ghost rider. We are at two different fitness levels and I think we have very different approaches to working out.

  8. Not too much, we aren't similar paces,we don't do similar workouts. but we do support each others' workouts. and we occasionally run together (in which he literally runs circles around me) or go to the gym together. but not too often.

  9. I train with my hubby. We did the Disney full in Jan. together and it was on his birthday!
    He has taken some time off form it, and now that season is here for triathlons, he is back out running with me. He is way faster than I am but we have a blast, and it is alone time. We enjoy it alot.


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