Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Week update

So I am migraine free.

Sunday I ran 4 miles. Monday I did spin. Tuesday was a day off and I participated in Read Across America and read to some kids in a lower income school district and left them some books to keep. Both my girls came home with Cat in the Hat Hats from their school. I love reading and hope to pass the joy to my kids. I am still reading Born to Run and really enjoying it.

Today is swim day. Ironlady couldn't do today but I can not go tomorrow so I will go on my own today. I think I screwed up and might be going right when they have water aerobics which means 1 lane for the swimmers and annoying lady screaming to pick up your legs and turn and all that.

I might wear my heart monitor while I swim. Have you done that ? do you do it ? I still have no idea how to use that sucker. I need POLAR to come and help me out and give me a class. Eating has been OK, really have to focus on more veggies into my dinner and lunch. Give it to me ? how do you eat your veggies ? recipes ? tips ? anything ?????


  1. My veggies and how I consume them depends on what they are. For instance, the only way I really like cooked carrots is either in stir fry or glazed. Stir fry is not bad. Glazed....mmmmm. So, I usually eat my carrots raw!
    Other veggies my favorite ways to cook them usually involve grilling or roasting. I love sauteed brussel sprouts with just some pam until light brown and then add some chicken stock and allow to cook off!
    Roasted asparagus and broccoli are two of my favorites and so easy!

  2. In order for me to get my fruits and veggies in, I have to do a lot of planning, especially on Sundays. after a few weeks of doing this, I kind of got into a routine and they just became a huge staple in my meals.

  3. yeah to hear your migrane free!! shwew!!!;-)

  4. Since I am totally ignorant of triathalon stuff... can you give me more information on bricks?

    I am a hr monitor disaster. If you ever locate a remedial hr monitor class, let me know and I will go with you!

    Veggies: I have to pre-plan and I broil many of them- especially asparagus and sweet potato. (On baking sheet lined with foil, a little sea salt and sprayed/drizzled with olive oil).


what are you triing

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