Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Loving ironlday & YOGA

today i made it to the gym and was planning on doing an interval run on the treadmill. i was lucky enough to see ironlady as i was walking in and as soon as i told her what i was doing she gave me a plan. I love that. i had a more clear plan of what to do and it was awesome

3 x's 2 minute fast 2 minute easy
3 x's 90 sec fast 90 sec easy
3 x's 1 min fast 1 min easy

and my fast needed to be faster than the previous set

loved it. love having someone who can help me out and is into it to do that as well. She feels connected to her folks and i love that. i swim with her tomorrow.

Last night I went to a talk on yoga and did some. I loved it. I hated it. I hate that I can not balance very good and that my posture sucks, but i loved it b/c it stretches you and calms you and i need that. people I NEED THAT. So i am trying to figure a way to get yoga in my week or at least do some on my own at night.

do you do yoga ? when ? class ? home ? share your meditative thoughts


  1. This year I have come to love yoga. I actually found an amazing class at my gym that I go to every week. It is awesome! It's not only a great workout, but is very relaxing too.

    Also, my husband and I got some DVDs off of Amazon that are pretty good and we try to do yoga at least once a week in the evenings after we put our boys to sleep.

  2. I seriously would love to fit yoga into my routine, but right now, I'm at my max as far as scheduling goes. So, I focus on good stretching after every run. Hopefully next year, when all the kiddos are in school full day, yoga will be on my slate.

  3. I need an Ironlady! :) I do love yoga. I don't usually go to classes because of difficulty with finding time, so when I do it I usually do videos at home or try to remember some of them moves and such for quick "stretches" here and there.

  4. I love yoga, but I never do it. I don't think I can squeeze one more thing into my life.

  5. I have done yoga a couple of times,with my sportsman at the gym. What I really like is the Bosu ball. I Still go to the gym 6 days a week, but now I can use my bosu ball when I'm at home.

  6. I like yoga. But I can only do certain poses. I can not do any that are on my knees. I can not get on them and then expect to walk later. I do alot of the warrior poses for stretching.


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