Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Oh the glory

Today I was able to run outside and it was lovely. The weather was perfect. It didn't even bother me when BOTH ipod and garmin were out of batteries. I really needed the run as a stress reliever. It was a hard morning with my older daughter and then some man was a complete asshole to me after he was speeding and almost hit me. Like the kind of asshole who drive away and then DROVE after me to yell at me ??? And he yelled at me that he can't believe I had the nerve to yell at him. The entire run I thought of what a jerk he was. I swear I wish you could call the cops on people for being assholes.

I have been on the phone with continental airlines for 57 minutes trying to get a flight reservation. I hate planning for trips....too much is close to impossible to have a phone conversation and conduct business when you have 2 young kids. Thank you to ICarly for helping me out.

Tomorrow no workout planned, but I really think I need to try and do some ab and arm work at home......GOAL for tomorrow is to do that.

Friday I am going to head to the gym and do an interval run on the treadmill. Got the kids with me OR I would be outside for sure.

UPDATE - the phone call is now at an hour and 1 minute and I am on hold.

The sun is making crave fruits and veggies.....I think I might even grill some veggies this warm week...what is your fav veggie to grill on the barbie ??


  1. That guy must not be a runner huh? Nothing like putting a damper on your run! It is really too bad when people have to act like that. Hope your day got better!

    oooh I love mushrooms and red peppers on the grill.

  2. ooh, being on hold for things like that is awwwful. sorry.
    go abs/arm work at home tomorrow!

  3. Sometimes we all need a nice outside run to clear our heads of stupid people. I had to be on the treadmill this morning -- ugg.

    I LOVE yellow squash and zucchini on the grill. YUMMY :)

  4. Red peppers on the grill are my favorite! mmmm.

    Sometimes those runs outdoors without music or stats are the best! (Minus the jackasses on the road)

  5. people like that always make my blood boil! as does sitting on hold forever. Glad you got outside for some fresh air though, it really does make a difference! :)

  6. Without a doubt Asparagus!! SO GOOD!


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