Saturday, July 31, 2010


We live near the beach. We belong to a beach club. I own about 3 bathing suits that I wear to the club. All 3 cover my stomach. One is a two piece but tankini. Recently I have noticed that many of the other moms are in bikinis. Some look great and some look just ok. I know I am smaller and in better shape then some of these moms.

The other night I figured I could use some new suits, I ordered from Athleta. One is a tankini. The other is a bikini. Let's just say I am a bit depressed. The bikini looks fine on me in every sense except for my mid area. It seriously looks like I have a tire. I know we all have body issues, my used to be my flat chest. Now it is my mid section. Right after I eat a meal, you can literally see it in my tummy, it is like I am 3 months pregnant. I feel like my food has no where to go and sits there ?? I am tempted to post a photo so you can all see this. I workout all the time, cardio, strength ? I eat better than I ever have ? I am thinking about going off the pill b/c i know that is supposed to add some weight.

I realize I sound a bit obsessed, I think I am just confused about what is going on. I am going to really focus on fueling my body with food, not putting crap in it.

What is up with all the stupid ants ????

Did an ocean swim this AM and the water was balmy compared to the other day. loved it. I am hoping to get a brick in tomorrow. Next weekend I am doing a tri.


  1. midsection is where i carry weight too. :-(

  2. Those Athleta suits, I think, are really tight in the mid section, causing a muffin like appearance. That said, I lost all my baby weight (finally) and my waist is definitely a bit thicker than it was. Maybe nothing no one else would notice. I'd be willing to bet no one would notice what you are seeing either.

    At my age, I really don't give a rat's ass anyway and wear a bikini to train in sometimes despite what I may look like in it.

  3. I know what you mean about working so hard and being frustrated with the results. I looked better BEFORE I started triathlons. I started running to get "runner's legs" but here I am 3 years later and no runners legs :( I have a lot more problem areas than a little belly pudge and I wear a bikini so go for it!

  4. I will never, ever wear a bikini again, lol! Yuck my tummy is just gross and no one needs to see it except my hubby!

  5. Guys (well at least this guy) has this problem too. I've dropped 80 pounds in two years and still have the darn love handles.

    I can't give any advice on bathing suits.

  6. I totally agree with Regina, my Athleta bikini is super tight around the top. It is really uncomfortable! I've been trying some new ab exercises this summer and I see the difference. Maybe you just need to find some that work for you. Other wise, embrace the body parts that you do like, all of your hard work has to count for something!


what are you triing

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