Friday, December 10, 2010


i hate the cold. hate it.

why was i so tired this am. why ?

i want a personal chef that will teach me how to cook healthy delish meals. anyone ?

need to start thinking about what to get hubby for xmas ?

does it annoy you when people use xmas instead of christmas ?

got a lot of compliments on my christmas card, something i actually think i do well.

back in the day i use to take mental health days off from work, you know, when you just needed a break, so instead you sat in your tiny nyc apt and watched bad tv and ordered in, didn't shower. i need one of those days, i wouldn't think of laundry, cooking, cleaning, organizing, exercising, just one day. heck i am not sure i could even do it now, i would feel too unproductive.

do you make smoothies ? what type of protein powder do you use ??


  1. xmas instead of christmas ?

    YES - HUGE freaking YES! I always write "c-mas". ;)

    COLD SUCKS! Move to AZ!

    YAY on the CMAS card success!! ;)

  2. I despise the cold, believe me! And it's so early to be this cold...I hope it doesn't mean a very long winter.

  3. I hate the cold!!! Why I live in the South. Although its been pretty cold here lately too. 20s? What!?

    I don't say xmas because I've heard the reasoning behind using it is to take Christ out of it. That's my own personal reasoning behind it. I don't think everyone who uses xmas though is doing that. Just something I remember hearing.

  4. I despise the cold too. Not sure how I lived in Madison, WI for 4 years w/o dying over the winter, but somehow I made it.

    I do eat smoothies. Sometimes w/o powder, but if I use powder its either hemp or pea.. or a combo. :)

  5. I don't like x-mas or turkey day. That annoys me, too!
    I use HARMONIZED PROTEIN by Proventive, it's the best! I'm sure you can google it.
    I need a chef too, and a house cleaner.


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