Tuesday, December 21, 2010

i was so jealous

and the theme this week is holidays getting in the way OR in other words, that is my excuse on why i am missing workouts. This AM I was going to do bootcamp with ironlady at 9.15 but we have all been sleeping in a bit here (due to my ladies staying up MUCH TOO late) and we have no early activities due to the holidays(see it is the holidays fault). We floundered a bit and I didn't rush us out and figured I would just run instead. I got to the gym about 9.30 and peeked into her class just to see and i was so freaking jealous.  They were jump roping and some other things we have never done, and I was like damn I am missing new fun (torturous) stuff.

I went on the treadmill and did 3 miles - each at a faster pace with a rest in btw. Half way through another person came up on the one next to me and she is another lady who is usually in the bootcamp so i asked her about it and she was late and we were both saying how bummed we were when we saw all the new stuff. ahh other crazy folk like me. love it.

i did not get the stuff for pecan diamonds. hubby really likes them so i need to make them tomorrow.

Luckily I am getting more fruit back in me but still missing veggies. I need a good ol salad from a salad bar.  I use to love working in the city and getting one of those big ass salads where you asked them to throw in everything .....we don't have a place like that around here. cept my own kitchen and i just didn't have all the stuff. plus it ain't the same.

where do you get your favorite salad ?

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