Sunday, December 12, 2010

the week ahead


- get last of xmas shopping done, mostly start and finish hubby
- dentist, car and eyes checked
- make chicken dish from clean eating cookbook, it is a simple crock pot meal that i have wanted to try
- read christmas books with girls, try and install the idea of giving not just receiving
- make sure i have all teacher gifts ready, don't forget about newspaper guy, cleaners, and mailman
- be happy and live in the moment. life is good.
- get babysitter for sat. night to attend neighbor's party (which is also special time with hubby -which we need)
- if i have time figure out way to get the girls alone so they can buy something for each other for christmas
- PJ"s for them to open on christmas eve (i always like to do this)
- run, 2 to 3 days, spin and strength


  1. You'll have to post about the chicken dish if it's good. I'm always looking for things to make in the crockpot...

  2. My head is spinning and I think it's b/c my list is just as long! Ah the holidays!


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